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“Every adviser is different in his/her own way.That why A.D. FINANCIAL offers you choices the way you want”

Is this you?

  • The changing trend in the Financial Planning Landscape, how do I equip myself and be competent to serve my client better?
  • I have done my CFP/RFP and still have no idea how to start practice.
  • I have not started my CFP/RFP yet. How can I start practicing in Financial Planning industry and increase my current income?
  • I don’t wish to be left behind by this Financial Planning Wave. How do I go about?
  • Currently, I’m a tied intermediary with a principle company that market Financial Product. How do I upgrade myself in advisory role without sacrificing my license with my principle?
  • I’m running a successful Life Insurance/Unit Trust agency, I want to expand my agency portfolio in Financial Planning advisory but have no time and no resources to start off.
  • I’m now a multi product supplier of many Financial Planning Products. How do I upgrade myself to an advisory role and start charging Fee?
  • Professionals from legal or accounting firms looking to expand practice to work with Financial Planners in the specialized area of Estate Planning Advisory Practice.

Whether you are existing financial intermediaries or about to look for one and have the above concerns, we have the answers.

AdviserChoice offers you five affiliation options, so you’ll find the mix of control and support, you need and the freedom to change affiliations as your needs change.

What’s more, A.D. FINANCIAL provides you with a choice of payouts (up to 60% in advisory services). Our powerful array of products and advisory services together with resources can help you build your business YOUR WAY.

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