Asset Protection and Preservation Advisory

Asset Protection and Preservation Advisory

A successful methodology in protecting and preserving the hard earned wealth of a High Complex Individual

Asset Protection and Preservation planning or commonly known as A.P.P. in short, have been a successful methodology in protecting and preserving the hard earned wealth of a High Complex Individual.

It can be defined as follows:

  • Asset Protection Planning : Involves figuring out and applying a series of lawful techniques that protect your assets from claims of future creditors, squandering heirs and possible litigation due to personal negligence that would have significant impact on one’s hard earned wealth
  • Asset Preservation Planning : Process of organizing one’s property through elements of Preservation, Accumulation and Distribution with overall intent of enhancing and sustaining the financial security of individuals, their families and future beneficiaries of the estate.


Our services includes:

  • Identifying and recording all real estate holdings
  • Reviewing ownership structures for tax,legal and other factors.
  • Arranging and structuring appropriate finance.
  • Appraising/reorganizing insurance arrangements.
  • Identifying new investment opportunities and joint ventures.
  • Arranging and negotiating bank finance
  • Working with advisors on the tax planning and compliance
  • Performing initial appraisals on acquisition target
  • Discussions with operational management and assessment of business forecasts
  • Formulating deal structure including tax planning
  • Instructing lawyers on terms sheets and transaction documents
  • Taxation planning banking and financial accounting support if necessary
  • Taxation considerations


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