Corporate Risk Management

Corporate Risk Management

As your estate grows, custom-tailored strategies are essential to help preserve your wealth.

The source of your success, be it a well long established business, a windfall or years of hard earned money with smart investing, can be preserved to maximize its potential in the long run. Our advisors have extensive experiences developing wealth transfer plan just for you

The Company

  • Protecting Key Person and employees of the company against death, disablement , critical illnesses, surgery & hospitalization
  • Design and implementation of tax efficient Employee Benefits Retention & Welfare Scheme which include strategies to ease administration and meet the organization’s requirements and objectives
  • Assessing the risk of financial losses due to unforeseen circumstances including loss or damage of assets, loss of profits, accidental damage to machinery breakdown and income producing machinery, contractual liability and etc
  • Advisory on the current state of business status by reviewing existing status and how to protect and enhance their position
  • Feasibility studies on current state of business by conducting a business health check


The business owner

  • Establishing shareholders’ agreement to ensure the smooth transition of business in the event of demise or withdrawal of a shareholder
  • Identifying the Cashing Out Strategy and formulating the exit plan
  • Protecting the interests of each shareholders during and after their lifetime by way of a Corporate Will
  • Assist in formation of companies taking into consideration shareholders’ agreement and compliance with strong legal foundation
  • Pre-Public Listing planning for the business owner


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