Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

A direct investment typically includes involvement in the company at Board level in order to strive towards a more efficient and coordinated operational business model

We have considerable experience in managing all aspects of the acquisition process, including:

  • Performing initial appraisals on acquisition target
  • Discussions with operational management and assessment of business forecasts
  • Negotiation with existing shareholders
  • Formulating deal structure, including tax planning
  • Instructing lawyers on term sheets and transaction documents
  • Formulating management incentive plans


We create value for clients through an active involvement in the company. Our services include:

  • Giving financial planning assistance to the investee company
  • Attendance at Board meetings and key operational meetings to represent investor interests
  • Senior management appointments
  • Group reorganisations or reconstructions
  • Refinancing activities
  • Ongoing review of financial performance of investee companies and taking action when necessary
  • Taxation planning, banking and financial accounting support if necessary

The disposal process typically includes:

  • Negotiation of main terms with buyer
  • Liaison with executive management to ensure the disposal process is smooth
  • Taxation considerations
  • Instructing lawyers on transaction documents
  • Negotiating and structuring future ‘upside’ if appropriate


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