Family Office

Family Office

A family office is dedicated to providing families with centralised support in managing their wealth to enable it to endure over several generations.

What is a Family Office?

The family office organises the family’s assets on a global basis to ensure they are appropriately invested, to protect the wealth and allow it to continue to grow. The family office enables families to clearly split their business assets from its personal assets and manage their risk in a more global and effective manner. Some families also chose to centralise other functions within the family office, such as a concierge service and the provision of tax and other professional advice to family members.



Who would benefit from having a family office?

  • A family office is an ideal solution for a family with a long-term vision, who want their assets and values to endure from generation to generation.
  • Families are increasingly geographically dispersed, a family office is therefore often the best way to cope with the complexities of multi-jurisdictional wealth management.
  • Families who sell their family business often wish to stay together and use the collective investing power of a family office as the vehicle to do so.


Experienced Integrated Wealth Managers

A.D. Family Office is an independent multi-family office offering wealthy families and individuals a highly personalized relationship based on complete trust and unbiased advice. With more than 15 years experience managing the personal needs of the ultra affluent, we understand the unique requirements associated with substantial wealth and the concerns you have for your children, extended families and future generations. We take a deep, personal interest in our clients and continuously strive to meet and anticipate their needs by providing investment, financial, fiduciary and lifestyle management services that complement the family enterprise by centralizing, coordinating and streamlining all key functions.

Rest assured, our wealth management solutions are completely objective. We do not take possession of your money, rather our service is to expertly coordinate and evaluate all your financial and asset managers, their recommendations and their work, and ensure all remain focused on your overall financial goals. Because we work exclusively with “best of class” providers, our clients achieve superior results compared to traditional financial advisors and money managers. As demonstrated by our consistent results, the tremendous financial benefits and far-reaching implications of properly managed wealth cannot be ignored.


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