Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our mission is to foster the attainment of our clients’ financial freedom by adopting an integrated approach to your financial affairs.

Our mission is to foster the attainment of our clients’ financial freedom by adopting an integrated approach to your financial affairs. We act as a catalyst to the formulation of your personal goals, and advise on how these can be prioritized and achieved in a properly coordinated manner within the desired time frame. We also conduct seminars for companies and financial institutions, and are also involved in the education of personal financial management for charitable and voluntary organizations. Our services consider the many aspects of wealth planning. A.D. FINANCIAL helps you to establish strategies in accumulating, protecting, preserving and distributing your wealth that would improve you and your family financially.

Our Personal Financial Services cover many aspects that can help you achieve your goals. Thorough financial and tax planning are essential to preserve your wealth for many years to come. Below are the scope of services offered by A.D. FINANCIAL:

  1. Estate Planning
    • Structuring your estate to minimize estate settlement delays and costs
    • Ensuring sufficient liquidity for family needs and payments of debts and estate duties
    • Planning your estate and developing a properly structured Will or Trust to efficiently distribute your assets
    • Private Trust planning to preserve and better manage your financial security for minors, parents, incapacitated child and charitable purpose
    • Avoiding contention in the devolution of your business interest with adequate financial and succession plannin
  2. Debt Management
    • Assessing your risk capacity for borrowings vis-à-vis cash flow
    • Advice on reduction or restructuring of debts to minimize interest cost
    • Optimizing debt-leveraged risk/return
  3. Investment Planning
    • Identifying investment objectives and formulating an investment strategy consistent with your risk profile
    • Establishing a suitable allocation of assets to ensure diversification of risk and resilience to loss
    • Sourcing suitable financial products to make up the investment portfolio
    • Timing the availability of funds for specific life-stage demands like children’s tertiary education and retirement planning
    • Establishing a funding mechanism for education and retirement planning
  4. Personal Risk Management
    • Assessing the current state of your risk management plan to deal with various life risks including illnesses, death, disability and hospitalization
    • Protecting your won financial assets from business related activities including claims made by creditors and the calling of financial guarantees
    • Containing the financial impact arising from the loss of business partners of key employees



Our Islamic Department professionals will cater for the financial needs of Muslims, adhering to the Islamic Law. A customized financial plan can help our Muslim clients to achieve their financial goals in the following area:

  • Retirement, education and investment planning, ensuring strict adherence to the Syariah principles in every aspect of the plan
  • Estate Planning, including rules on succession planning according to the Faraid System
  • Islamic Insurance,Takaful Coverage
  • Gifting/Hibah
  • Charitable Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Islamic Will, Wasiyah
  • Zakat and Hijrah Planning


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