Individual Estate Planning

Individual Estate Planning

You want to further accumulate your hard earned wealth but wouldn’t want to do it yourself

Estate Planning – is it for me…?

Through our lives, we spend so much time worrying about making a decent living. Questions like, “Will we have enough for a new house? Can I afford that new car? Can I take that trip I’ve always wanted to take?”

But the years pass. You’ve built up an estate, and achieved success. Your focus starts shifting away from taking care of yourself, to ensuring your loved ones are cared for after you’re gone. You want to further accumulate your hard earned wealth but wouldn’t want to do it yourself. You want to further preserve and protect it from the hands of your creditors and distribute it down to your future generations. That’s what estate planning is all about.


I hate Estate Planning – are these the concerns…?

  • I have built a substantial wealth, how do I create a creditor’s proof for my wealth?
  • I’ve no idea how much I worth that is enough to last thru my golden years. How do I ensure sufficient liquidity for my family needs and can still plan for charity?
  • Most of my wealth is in overseas. What is the best methodology to hold and manage it better? Is creating an offshore company in tax haven country the right choice?
  • How to preserve my wealth and pass it down to many generations?
  • I have a complex family matters, how can Estate Planning help?
  • I run a successful business. What happened to my business and how does it affect my family upon my death?
  • My wealth is quite complex. I have written a Will. Isn’t it sufficient?
  • Passing down my wealth. How do I prevent family feuds and achieve harmony at the same time?

Defining Estate Planning…

Is a process of organizing one’s property through elements of preservation, accumulation and distribution with the overall intent of enhancing and sustaining the financial security of individuals, their families and future beneficiaries of the estate


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